When you see “Social,” do you just think Facebook?

One of the goals of the Social City Dash is get our racers to use a variety of popular social media apps to solve clues and complete challenges. However, one thing we’ve noticed is that despite our attempts to let people know to set up all of their social accounts prior to the race, they Read more about When you see “Social,” do you just think Facebook?[…]

Are you a Profile or a Page?

This post is part of a series. To read ahead, click here. Social networking websites and apps know that the real value is in the home page and news feed, but they needed to provide folks an access point to allow users to gain access to these features while also giving the websites almost endless opportunities Read more about Are you a Profile or a Page?[…]

Canary in a Coalmine

As I was waking up Tuesday morning, my wife informed me that she had received a Twitter message from our pastor containing a link that was, how should I say this, less-than-Christian. After she sent a text message alerting him of the situation, I replied via Twitter Direct Message from both my personal account and Read more about Canary in a Coalmine[…]