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How Social Do You Want To Be?

The problem with business-centric social media efforts is that they are almost always focused on the Media, as opposed to the Social. Yes, you do need to share content (i.e. Media). This begins the process of “being social” and can help educate, entertain and equip your consumer-base. All too often this is where businesses stay. They are […]

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“You’ve Got Mail”

This feature, that lives on every social media, is probably the biggest cause of mental disorder in the modern age. Yep, I’m talking about notifications. So, what’s so special about notifications that would require one to “master the skill” of being notified? Well, we live in the busiest time in the history of humanity. Bells, buzzers, […]

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Private or Direct Message

This post is part of a series. To read ahead, click here. I was fortunate that I got my start in digital connectivity on AOL. Once a public conversation started in a chat room, it was so easy to move it to a private conversation and continue to talk uninterrupted. Once there, I had my audiences […]

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