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Social Advertising

This post is part of a series. To read it in its entirety, click here. Speaking about things that people feel devalue their life, it’s time to talk about number six on our list…Ads. Advertisements. Let’s take a look at mobile and web advertising from a few different perspectives: First, there’s the site itself. It costs […]

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Your 2015 Small Business Social Media Solution

We’re in the Small Business Social Media Solutions…Business. I’m writing to inform you, my friend, that business at McGirr has changed. Oh, we’re still doing the same amazing social media strategy and management work we have always done. It’s just that, we’ve changed the way you pay for it, and I think we’ve come up […]

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“You’ve Got Mail”

This feature, that lives on every social media, is probably the biggest cause of mental disorder in the modern age. Yep, I’m talking about notifications. So, what’s so special about notifications that would require one to “master the skill” of being notified? Well, we live in the busiest time in the history of humanity. Bells, buzzers, […]

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