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For years now we have been managing social media accounts for businesses all over the United States. One thing always seemed to ring true when it came to the work…Social Takes Time.

If you’re going to do anything on Social Media, it’s going to take time. Creating or managing content takes time. Writing and publishing blogs takes time. Tweeting tweets and posting to Pinterest, just takes time. Ask any community manager, from any organization, and they will tell you, “When it comes to growing a community, you need to put in the time.”

So why not find a cost effective way to help you leverage your most valuable resource to take this task off your plate and still make sure it gets done…by the best people available.

In business, time is money. We believe in transparency above all else, and you should know what your social media team is doing with their time. Our team does not mess around with your time. When we’re working for you, we are on the clock and you will know it.

We will provide you with an itemized list of actions we put against the time you are paying us to work. We’ll even take the time to explain to you why certain actions are better for specific businesses, especially if you’re looking to save money or have a particular budget that doesn’t allow for every resource available.

We are your best resource for managed social media services. If you have questions about our service at any time, feel free to text, tweet, email or call anytime.

-Joey McGirr
Founder, Social By The Hour

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