The Social Media journey from “Here-to-There”

Change is constant but how much of it represents true forward progress?  The hyperactive world of social media doesn’t sit still long enough to even consider this question, but you must. One of our client’s favorite consulting tools at McGirr Enterprises is simply called, “Here to There.” It’s a great tool because it a) makes Read more about The Social Media journey from “Here-to-There”[…]

Tackling Your SEO with a Plan

Guest Post by Jacqueline Sinex, “SEO” is an ominous acronym that haunts many business owners. The average person doesn’t understand what SEO really is, if it is relevant to them, or where to start.  In short, “Search Engine Optimization” is the practice of enhancing your website to be more attractive to search engines (like Read more about Tackling Your SEO with a Plan[…]

Welcome to ME!

Welcome… I am excited to announce the launch of the all new McGirr Enterprises. We have been working secretly  for months to prepare for the launch of this new evolution in our business.  My close friends know that  I take re-branding very seriously. Although I’ve built what I consider to be a very solid personal Read more about Welcome to ME![…]